Transmission, McCleod Bearing, Rear End

Transmission / Rear end / Suspension –

TRANSMISSION is a Borg Warner T50-5 (from front,toward tranny) here are the final rations that we should end up with – 1st gear 3.10:1, 2nd 1.90:1, 3rd 1.25:1, 4th 1.0:1 and 5th will be 0.8:1.This will run real close to the ratios of the TR8 setup. It was from a 1976 Pontiac Sunbird V6 with a 231ci.

The clutch is a 10″ Chevy, and I was going to put in the standard slave cylinder setup but in reading the MG Enthusiasts site I saw the info about the Mcleod hydraulic bearing setup. It went in without a hitch.  


Here are some pictures of the bearing installed. I took these before the clutch cover was installed. The hose to bleed and the hose to the slave cylinder run out the hole where the pivot arm was.     

REAR END is a Chevy Monza 3:08 Positraction.

It has the centered pumpkin and is only 3 inches wider than the original MGB rear end. It needed some pieces welded to it for mounting, but the problem of the larger width was taken care of by having the wheels popped out and rewelded 1″ further out. There was enough room in the fender wells to take up the other 1/2″ on each side.



It has a 5/8″ rear sway bar, 3/4″ front sway bar. Traction bars were also fitted.