Blown Rear Main Seal – 2004

I noticed a bit of an oil leak. Normally on an MGB with the original engine this would be considered normal, but, having the Buick v8 in it – it wasn’t normal. I figured out it was coming from the rear main seal. I was driving along one day and the oil pressure dropped right down to 0. I pushed the clutch in and reached to turn it off but by the time I could do that the pressure was back up again and everything looked normal. Turns out that there were some small score marks on the rear main bearing, but worse – the cam bearing was screwed and the cam was making noise.

I had purchased a engine from Ekstens Automotive back when I first started this project and I figured it was time to use it – I bought it in case I needed another one and – well – I needed another one. It’s in (also took this as a chance to replace the fuse block and do a bit of wiring changes) and it runs. It’s actually an 63 Olds with shaved heads to bring the compression ratio up to about 10.5. It’s got an Eldebrock intake with twin deuces. I’m going to run with these for now, maybe change back to the throttle body at a later time. Hopefully I’ll have it back on the road for SVRA at Watkins Glen this September 2004.

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