Holley Sniper 2300 TBI

Off and on over the years I have been playing with various types of Throttle Body Injection (TBI). TBI just runs better. Smoother acceleration, more “punch”, quicker starting and I notice more torque in the 2000 and up range as well as that the engine feels like it wants to keep going up to 4500 without waning.

My first one was a Holley analog tbi. A 2 barrel I found on Ebay. It used the existing temperature gauge, a feed from the points and it used a 12lb fuel pump.

I had a couple different variations using the analog system. One had the fuel pump feed right from the tank, then I had one that had a swirl pot in it. That’s when you take a small gas pump and pull from the gas tank to the swirl pot, then from the swirl pot it feeds back to the gas tank. With this the idea is the swirl pot is always full of gas even on turns or sloshing around. Then you pull the gas from the swirl pot to the higher pressure pump and that goes to the tbi unit, then back from the tbi to the swirl pot.

I also tried some analog with the O2 sensor and some iterations without.

The analog ran better than a carb but there were some things I couldn’t get completely straightened out. I couldn’t get a good fuel/air ratio all the way across the board – it had some rich and lean spaces in that I was uncomfortable with.

The Holley Sniper 2300 gets rid of the rich/lean problem. I’m very happy with the power it provides and the response is great. The only thing I’m working on with it is if I’m coming to a stop and downshift and use the engine drag to slow down then when I get to the light and push the clutch in the engine dies. I can see on my O2 sensor that it’s the deceleration kicking in and not releasing quick enough. I’ve been going through the Holley forum trying various things. If I don’t roll to a stop with the clutch in, just use the brakes, then it’s not a problem. I see others with the same problem, I just haven’t had the time to sort it out and try all the various maybe fixes.

See https://leonsmgb.com/hyperspark/  about my addition of the Holley Hyperspark unit.